Job Hunting


Hello beautiful people!! 

So far so good!! VLOGMAS DAY 2 is up! Went job hunting today and ended up shopping... haha!! Well, it was pretty productive, looking for jobs and handing out my resumes. Then later on I went Christmas shopping with my mother and we got more Christmas lights for the house and Christmas presents!! So exciting!! 

Here's another Christmas inspiration/encouragement message!

Sometimes I feel that people aim to give presents in order to impress others. Why do I say this you ask? Well, because I used to be one of those people. I used to be someone that cared so so so much about other people's opinions and thoughts that it would affect me and it definitely wasn't very healthy. It kept bothering me, and it had such a hold on me that I didn't feel peaceful. Christmas is all about love, joy, hope, and also peace! So it isn't right to feel uneasy and not at peace during the Christmas season. So next time when you buy a gift, it's not to impress someone with it and to see who's gift is better. Christmas is not about comparing gifts and judging to see which one is worth more. Christmas season and the gifts given at Christmas time should be from the heart. 
Spread joy, love and hope this Christmas Season!

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