Fashion Illustration Workshop


Hello beautiful people!! 

WOO! Day 3 of December! Well... technically today is the 5th, but I'll be posting it as the 3rd! So, I went to the city to attend a Fashion Illustration Workshop! It was really interesting and very exciting! Honestly, as I was making my way to the workshop, I was very nervous... but it was truly incredible how fun and exciting it was! I honestly didn't want to leave the workshop! I wanted to keep drawing and drawing! I also made two new friends - Rebecca and Bonnie! They are so so so lovely and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to meet them!

So here's another little Christmas inspiration/encouragement message...

With all the excitement of Christmas, and the image of a luxurious Christmas feast and home decorated to the top... we also have others who aren't so fortunate. We have others who are suffering at this time of the month. There are people who are struggling through the Christmas Season. We should never forget about those who are stuck in the middle of war, and violence. We keep them in our prayers, and we bring hope to those who are hopeless. We are the ones who can be there to show them the love that is missing in their life. We can be the ones who be the support that they need. We can be ones who can show a little kindness so that they won't have to be lonely this Christmas.
Spread the joy. Show the love. Bring the hope!

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