About Me

I'm a eighteen-year-old girl living in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in the beautiful country of Singapore in the year 1997. 
As a child I travelled from Singapore to Malaysia, and have many fond memories of the places and people I met throughout childhood. 
I have two younger sisters - Rachel (14) and Rosalind (11). I also have my beloved Youth Family and Church Family! I don't know where I'd be without them!

I love shopping, makeup, and I could spend hours getting ready! I love the colour pink, and all things sparkly. I actually love a lot of things, and I try not to hate/dislike things because I believe in having a positive attitude about everything (well, I try)! I have an obsession with clouds and the sun! I love looking at the hidden beauty of things, and seeing things that not many people would see. It's truly amazing!

I also love Kpop and Korean Dramas, and Anime! You, definitely a typical asian... haha! My favourite Kpop boy band of all time is 2PM and of course BIG BANG (virtual high-five to all you fans reading this). Ooh! I also love Bubble Tea - so delicious!

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