Night to Remember


Hello beautiful people!

So... where do I begin! On the 24th of November 2015, I had my Valedictory/Graduation/Year 12 Formal Dinner! It was a great day and great night!! Who doesn't love getting dressed up and pampered before a big event! I know I do! 

The night was great and really fun! It was really nice to spend it with friends and family and to celebrate the end of my Year 12 journey. It was bittersweet... I felt overwhelming sense of joy but at the same time, it was sad to see everyone for the last time as a group. 
We received our long awaited Year 12 certificate stating that we have officially completed our last year of high school! We even got cute graduation caps which I really liked! 

The night really flew by... and I had nerves throughout the night as my friends and I were performing two songs at the dinner. We performed "See You Again" and "Best Day of My Life". It was really fun! After performing those two songs, I definitely felt like performing heaps more! 

It truly was a beautiful night filled with beautiful people! I honestly didn't want the night to end! There was dancing, lots of pictures taken, and laughter filled the air. Hmm.. not sure what to think now that I will no longer be going back to high school. Not sure how to feel... I'm still trying to let it sink in... I've finally completed my high school journey. I'm closing off this chapter, and starting a new one. I can't wait for what the future will hold, and I'm so grateful to have Jesus beside me. 

Pre-graduation photo!

Makeup all done!

#carselfie - heading to graduation

The parents 

 Graduation Dinner

Officially graduated 


 Night to Remember


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