Magical 18th


Hello lovely people! 

WOW! The past week has been crazy! So much has happened in the month of October, where do I even begin?! 

Recently on the 18th of October, I turned 18! WOO! Finally legal, and officially an adult! Haha! It was an incredibly beautiful sunny day on that special Sunday and I was surrounded by many friends and family. It was a day filled with God's peace, love and joy! I had the BEST TIME! I honestly don't know how I feel about turning 18... or well, being 18. That day I woke up to many lovely messages and surprises... one being a video my best friend made me. It was soo funny!! The day was spent decorating for my birthday party and it was a great turn out! I really do hope that my guests enjoyed themselves as much as I did on that night! God really took control of everything and I'm so extremely grateful! 
Not only was I blessed with the presence of my friends and family, I also received many many presents! I love each and every one of them so much! To name a few, I got the URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 PALETTE!! AHH!! I also  got cute bags/clutches, and heaps of perfume (just what I needed, because mine ran out). 

Hmm... Now a few days after my 18th I officially finished my last day of HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER! It was officially the last day of YEAR 12! It felt so surreal! It was very bittersweet. I didn't know whether I was happy or sad. But it has definitely been an incredible year! The year went by so fast and I can't believe my exams are coming up. Not surprisingly, I'm so excited for exams! I'm so pumped and I can't wait! WOO! 

I think one of the reasons why I'm so excited is because I've got so many plans coming up after exams that it's such a good motivator! November is definitely going to be a packed month for me! Oh dear! I can't wait! There are so many things I want to do! I would love to go on a road trip with friends to celebrate! There's also Young Adults Camp coming up! Valedictory is also coming up (graduation dinner) and also my mother's birthday! It's going to be an exciting and fun month ahead! 

Currently I'm a bit nervous about the whole interview and folio presentations I'll have to do soon. Since I want to pursue a career in fashion, the requirements for those type of courses are slightly different from a usual course type thing. I need to go through a process of interviews and folio presentations to get accepted into the University. So far I'm aiming for RMIT University or a private institute called Billy Blue. Ooh! Speaking of the future and upcoming plans... CHRISTMAS is coming!! It's soo soon, I can already see Christmas decorations up in stores! Got to start making my Christmas wishlist... hehe! 

I also haven't been posting at all on my youtube channels! It's so sad, and I miss it so much! Hmm... This year I feel that I've taken up a whole lot of activities and participated in many events. I joined my Church's worship team at the start of the year, and it honestly feels like I've been on the team for many years now haha! I also joined my Church's dance ministry where we have performed many dances! It has been an amazing experience and I can't believe I didn't join it sooner! I also taken up the role as a Youth Intern where I'm currently interning to be one of the leaders of my Church's youth! So yeah! As you can see I've had a very busy year and I am so so grateful to God through this journey! He has never left me all by myself, and He's been the biggest motivator and encourager! I couldn't ask for a better companion than the Holy Spirit hehe! 

Thank you for reading :)

Now for some pictures!

 Finally 18! 

Love them ALL! 

 My family! 

 The Squad!

 YOOF Peeps!

 Sparklers & Fairy Lights!

With the BESTIE! 

 School SQUAD! 

 Oreo Mousse!

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