Welcoming 2016!


2015 came to an end, and 2016 greeted us with smiles, laughter and joy as we looked back on what happened throughout the year. 2015 was filled with many life changing events; good and bad. So many things happened to me, and I definitely have grown so much in my 2015 journey. 

2015 was the year where I experienced my last year of high school. It was fun, exciting, overwhelming and everything else in between. I can still remember the first day of my last year of high school! Sounds pretty funny... I didn't know what to expect but all I knew at the time was that I was ready for anything! Oh boy, how I was wrong. Nothing could've prepared me enough for year 12, but I'm glad Jesus was with me throughout the way. He didn't leave my side, and He continued to be my comforter, protector, encourager and most importantly friend. He was there in my toughest time - going through folio deadlines and assignments, etc. 

Year 12 was definitely not easy breezy, you had to work hard. If you wanted to succeed you had to put in effort and you had to put in your time. Watching some people not give year 12 a go was sad, but it motivated me even more. I'm glad I got through year 12! I'm glad I had friends to help me through out and I'm glad that it's finally over!! 

I have to be honest, although I did try to put up a brave face, and be the light and encouragement to the people around me, there were times I broke down and snapped under pressure. There were people who said things like "you don't look stressed at all", or "I wish I could handle year 12 the way you're handling it". Although I was calm, peaceful and happy for most of my year 12 journey, like everyone, I unintentionally let the pressure and stress get to me. It's a moment I remember so clearly, and it honestly has taught me so much...

It was the day my folio was due and I hadn't finished it to the best that I could possibly do. The clock was ticking. Every minute was going by and I hurried to get my folio looking presentable, ready to be seen. It was a half an hour before I had to hand it in that I silently left the room and broke down in tears. I have never ever felt that low in my life. I didn't know what came over me, but I think it was a build up of everything in my life - school, spiritual and all those things. So, at that moment, I felt so helpless and alone and I cried out to God. The most amazing thing happened. I then felt so much peace and so much of God's love. It was incredible. I felt all my worry, and stress disappear. Jesus took it. He took my burden off my shoulders and in that moment I felt so so light. I felt like crying some more, and singing! It was incredible. That moment on, I had the strength to go back into the room and continue my folio. 

Happy to say that I handed it in completed and I didn't fail haha! :P God is good! :D
So yeah! That was probably one of the toughest moments in my year 12 journey. 

Continuing on... God has grown me in so many ways as well. I have learned a lot of life skills! I learnt patience, persistence and the ability to time manage. I also improved my confidence this year and stepped out of my comfort zones in many situations. I experienced many folio presentations and interviews as well as job interviews! I know my that God is a God who provides and He will provide my daily needs and fulfil my heart's desires. 

I'm so grateful for everything that happened in 2015! I know nothing happens by accident, it's all for a purpose and God is in control of my life! He only wants the absolute best for me, and He wants the absolute best for you too! Trust in Him, in all you do! He loves you and He will never leave you nor will He forsake you! 

ALSO!! Last piece of exciting and interesting news! As you guys would have already guessed... Finishing my last year of high school would mean that this year I'm going off to Uni! I'm so excited for the journey ahead and can't wait to feel grown up haha! :P

Talk to you guys in my next post!! Bye!

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